Foot and Hand Massage

Hand and Foot Massages can provide relief from pain and aches in vital nerve points.

Aili’s training in Estonia and Russia provided her with the European techniques that have been perfected over thousands of years. Aili is one of the few specialty licensed massage therapists able to provide these techniques.

– $55.00 (55 minutes) mix and match

Lymphatic Drainage and Sinus Massage


Lymphatic Drainage and Sinus Massage: The lymphatic system is the drainage system for all the cells in your body.   The waste occasionally builds ups and overwhelms the lymphatic system.  The may be caused by a cold or more serious problem.   It is generally indicated by a dull ache in in the armpits.   A lymphatic massage can clean out the lymph system and allow your body to property cleanse itself.  Men and woman recovering from any serious illness need to cleanse their lymphatic system of toxins.

Sinus pain and congestion sufferers will have lessen the pressure and  congestion. The lymphatic system is essential to good health.  During you lymphatic massage you will feel your lymphatic system at the back of your throat.     $55   (55 minutes )

Indian Head Massage- Migraine

Indian Head Massage for can relieve the pain of migraine and stress headaches. The massage is based on the Ayurvedid System, practiced in India for 1000′s of years. This gentle massage can smooth away the pain associated sensitivity to light, noise, and environmental stress.

— $55 (55 minutes) mix and match